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Antonov An-12 specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Country: Ukraine
ICAO Type designator:AN12
First flight:17 December 1957
Production ended: 1972
Production total:1243
Series: An-12: Initially produced military transport model
An-12A: An-12 with four additional fuel cells and AI-20K engines
An-12AP: An-12A fitted with two extra underfloor tanks
An-12B: An-12A with reinforced wing, AI-20M engines and other modifications
An-12BK: An-12 with improved avionics suite and increased payload
An-12BK-PPS: An-12BK with ECM platform
An-12BP: An-12B fitted with the two extra underfloor tanks
An-12PL: An-12 converted with fixed ski undercarriage, heavily insulated hold and flight deck
An-12RR: An-12 nuclear biological and chemical warfare reconnaissance aircraft
An-12TB: Unknown designation
An-12TP-2: An-12 custom-built for long-range transport and geophysical survey duties in Antarctica
KJ-200: AEW&C based on Y-8F-600
Y-8: Unlicensed Chinese copy of the An-12BP
Y-8B: Y-8 unpressurised freight/passenger variant for CAAC
Y-8D: Y-8 export military transport fitted with western avionics.
Propulsion:4 turboprop engines
Maximum number of passengers:100
Maximum take-off mass:61000 kg
ICAO Mass group:4
Design Service Objective:30000 flights
Design Service Objective:25000 flight hours
Design Service Objective:25 years

Antonov An-12 photo

Antonov An-12 file photo (photo: Aviation Safety Network archives)