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Last updated: 22 May 2015
Hawker 800 silhoutte 20-MAY-2015 - Unknown Hawker 800 occurrence 1 dead
An unidentified Hawker 800 jet crashed into the waters off Puerto Colombia, Colombia after being intercepted by a Colombian Air Force plane after illegally flying into Colombian airspace. The aircraft departed had from Venezuela and .... more.
20-MAY-2015 Hawker 800 Unknown 1 ??Puerto Colombia C1
19-MAY-2015 Cessna 208B Caravan I 5Y-NKV Airworks 0 Mandeng Airstrip A1
18-MAY-2015 Antonov 2 RA-56528 private 0 Sanamer, Stavropol Territory A1
16-MAY-2015 Antonov 2R LY-AET Klaipedos avialinijos 2 116 km off Klaipeda, Lithuania [Baltic Sea] A1
10-MAY-2015 Xian MA60 B-3476 Joy Air 0 Fuzhou Airport (FOC) A1
10-MAY-2015 Antonov 2 RF-01159 DOSAAF, Rostov ATSK 0 Azov District, Rostov Oblast A1

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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg
22-MAY-2015 Robinson R44 Frabelle 0 Bumbu River in Lae, Morobe Province w/o
21-MAY-2015 Robin DR 400 Private 2 Roclincourt airfield, Pas-de-Calais area w/o
21-MAY-2015 Airplane 1 Near Wendell H Ford Airport (KCPF), Hazard, KY w/o
21-MAY-2015 Mooney M20K CC-AMY Private 1 Picazo Alto Hill, near Talca sub
21-MAY-2015 Partenavia AP68TP ZS-OYN 0 Lanseria International Airport min
21-MAY-2015 ATR-72-600 8Q-VAS FlyMe 0 Gan International Airport sub
21-MAY-2015 Comco Ikarus C42 D-MWAB Private 0 Kleinmühlingen near Schönebeck w/o
21-MAY-2015 FORPOST 923 Russian Air Force 0 Vodyane w/o
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22 MAY 2015 Report: Boeing 737 night-time taxiway excursion at Zürich Airport
A Boeing 737 suffered a night-time taxiway excursion at Zürich Airport because the crew did not follow the green centre line lights. more

14 MAY 2015 FAA prohibits U.S. airlines from flying over Somalia below FL260
10 MAY 2015 Report: Taiwan MD-82 overrun incident on wet runway in strong cross wind conditions
4 MAY 2015 EASA publishes new training requirements for upset prevention and recovery
29 APR 2015 Inadequate training and non-use of transponder led to runway incursion at Calgary Airport
28 APR 2015 Engine failure on overweight DC-3 led to collision with terrain in Yellowknife, Canada
27 APR 2015 Report: DHC-8-400 damaged by lightning strike while on approach to Fukue, Japan
19 APR 2015 Cargo plane nearly lands on runway under construction at Sharjah Airport
17 APR 2015 IATA launches safety assessment programme for smaller airlines
16 APR 2015 EASA issues bulletin on the prevention of hazardous low speed at high altitude cruise
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photo of Cessna 208B Caravan I 5Y-NKV
accident date: 19-05-2015
type: Cessna 208B Caravan I
registration: 5Y-NKV
photo of Antonov 2R LY-AET
accident date: 16-05-2015
type: Antonov 2R
registration: LY-AET
photo of Antonov 2
accident date: 10-05-2015
type: Antonov 2

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