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Last updated: 19 July 2018

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photo of Convair CV-880-22M-22 JA8023
accident date: 27-02-1965
type: Convair CV-880-22M-22
registration: JA8023
photo of Convair CV-880-22M-3 VR-HFX
accident date: 05-11-1967
type: Convair CV-880-22M-3
registration: VR-HFX
photo of Convair CV-880-22-1 N821TW
accident date: 20-11-1967
type: Convair CV-880-22-1
registration: N821TW
photo of Convair CV-880-22M-21 VR-HFZ
accident date: 15-06-1972
type: Convair CV-880-22M-21
registration: VR-HFZ
photo of Convair CV-880-22M-22 N5865
accident date: 16-12-1976
type: Convair CV-880-22M-22
registration: N5865
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 N8817E
accident date: 20-08-1977
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: N8817E
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 N8815E
accident date: 25-05-1978
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: N8815E
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 HP-821
accident date: 29-03-1980
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: HP-821
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 N8816E
accident date: 03-11-1980
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: N8816E
photo of Convair CV-880-22-2 N55NW
accident date: 11-05-1983
type: Convair CV-880-22-2
registration: N55NW
photo of Convair CV-880-22M-3 N5863
accident date: ??-10-1986
type: Convair CV-880-22M-3
registration: N5863

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