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Last updated: 17 November 2019
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acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
30-JUN-1956 Douglas DC-7 N6324C United Airlines 58+70 Grand Canyon, AZ dst contains link to final investigation report
31-JAN-1957 Douglas DC-7B N8210H Douglas 4+4 6,5 km NW of Sunland, Los Angeles, CA dst
05-MAR-1957 Douglas DC-7 N316AA American Airlines 0 near Memphis, TN sub
28-JUN-1957 Douglas DC-7B N808D Eastern Air Lines 0 Miami International Airport, FL (MIA) w/o
31-OCT-1957 Douglas DC-7 Seven Seas N6305C United Airlines 0 Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX/LAX), CA sub
01-FEB-1958 Douglas DC-7C N733PA Pan Am 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport (AMS) w/o
10-MAR-1958 Douglas DC-7B N846D Douglas Long Beach, CA w/o
25-MAR-1958 Douglas DC-7C N5904 Braniff Airways 9 5 km WNW of Miami International Airport, FL (MIA) w/o
21-APR-1958 Douglas DC-7 N6328C United Airlines 47+2 near Arden, NV dst
18-MAY-1958 Douglas DC-7C OO-SFA Sabena 61 near Casablanca-Cazes Airport (CAS) w/o
20-FEB-1959 Douglas DC-7C N740PA Pan Am 0 San Francisco International Airport, CA (SFO) w/o
24-SEP-1959 Douglas DC-7C F-BIAP TAI 54 3 km SW of Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport (BOD) w/o contains link to final investigation report
16-NOV-1959 Douglas DC-7B N4891C Delta Air Lines, opf. National Airlines 42 57 km E off Pilottown, LA [Gulf of Mexico] dst
26-FEB-1960 Douglas DC-7C I-DUVO Alitalia 34 Shannon Airport (SNN) w/o
14-JUL-1960 Douglas DC-7C N292 Northwest Orient Airlines 1 8 km NE off Polillo Island w/o
18-FEB-1961 Douglas DC-7CF N745PA Pan Am 0 Stuttgart-Echterdingen Airport (STR) w/o
11-JUN-1961 Douglas DC-7C PH-DSN KLM 0 over Atlantic Ocean sub
20-JUN-1961 Douglas DC-7 N312A ONA Oakland International Airport, CA (OAK) w/o
26-SEP-1961 Douglas DC-7 N317A ONA 0 Norfolk-NAS Chambers, VA (NGU) w/o
14-OCT-1961 Douglas DC-7C PP-PDL Panair do Brasil 0 Belém Airport, PA (BEL) w/o
01-NOV-1961 Douglas DC-7C PP-PDO Panair do Brasil 45 2,7 km NW of Recife-Guararapes International Airport, PE (REC) w/o
14-NOV-1961 Douglas DC-7C N5905 Braniff Airways 0 Dallas-Love Field, TX (DAL) w/o
16-DEC-1961 Douglas DC-7 N4871C Delta Air Lines 0 Chicago-O'Hare International Airport, IL (ORD) w/o
04-MAR-1962 Douglas DC-7C G-ARUD Sabena, opf. Caledonian Airways 111 2,5 km E of Douala Airport (DLA) dst
16-APR-1962 Douglas DC-7C PH-DSH KLM 0 Amsterdam-Schiphol International Airport (AMS) non
22-OCT-1962 Douglas DC-7CF N285 Northwest Orient Airlines 0 off Biorka Island, AK w/o
29-OCT-1962 Douglas DC-7B N51702 Panagra 0 La Paz-El Alto Airport (LPB) w/o
30-NOV-1962 Douglas DC-7B N815D Eastern Air Lines 25 New York-Idlewild International Airport, NY (IDL) w/o
13-JAN-1963 Douglas DC-7 N4875C USAF 1 Memphis Municipal Airport, TN (MEM) sub
08-APR-1963 Douglas DC-7C PP-PDM Panair do Brasil 0 Rio de Janeiro-Galeăo International Airport, RJ (GIG) w/o
03-JUN-1963 Douglas DC-7CF N290 Northwest Orient Airlines 101 292 km WSW off Annette Island, AK, USA dst
28-SEP-1963 Douglas DC-7B N843D Eastern Air Lines 0 Nashville Metropolitan Airport, TN (BNA) w/o
24-APR-1964 Douglas DC-7 N68N FAA 0 Phoenix-Deer Valley Airport, AZ (DVT) dst
16-JUL-1964 Douglas DC-7B N809D Eastern Air Lines 0 Richmond Airport, VA (RIC) w/o
20-JUL-1964 Douglas DC-7B N831D Eastern Air Lines 0 Charlotte-Douglas Airport, NC (CLT) w/o
30-JUL-1964 Douglas DC-7 N464 FAA 0 Washington-Dulles International Airport, DC (IAD) sub
28-SEP-1964 Douglas DC-7C G-ASID Caledonian Airways 0 Istanbul w/o
08-FEB-1965 Douglas DC-7C SE-CCC SAS 0 Tenerife-Los Rodeos International Airport (TCI) w/o
08-FEB-1965 Douglas DC-7B N849D Eastern Air Lines 84 10,7 km SSW off Jones Beach, NY dst contains link to final investigation report
26-APR-1965 Douglas DC-7C SAS 0 Stockholm-Bromma Airport unk
16-OCT-1965 Douglas DC-7B N824D Eastern Air Lines 0 Charlotte-Douglas Airport, NC (CLT) w/o
01-MAR-1966 Douglas DC-7B HC-AIP AREA Ecuador 0 Miami, FL w/o
18-MAY-1966 Douglas DC-7 N6339C United Airlines 0 Denver-Stapleton International Airport, CO (DEN) w/o
12-SEP-1966 Douglas DC-7CF N2282 Airlift Int. 0 Tachikawa Air Base w/o contains link to final investigation report
30-DEC-1966 Douglas DC-7CF N4059K Airlift Int. 0 Saigon Airport (SGN) w/o
05-JUN-1967 Douglas DC-7 JY-ACP Alia Beirut ? w/o
05-JUN-1967 Douglas DC-7 JY-ACO Alia 0 Damascus International Airport (DAM) w/o
20-JAN-1968 Douglas DC-7B SE-ERC Transair Sweden, opf. THY 0 München-Riem Airport (MUC) w/o
02-JUL-1968 Douglas DC-7BF N762Z Universal Airlines 0 Philadelphia International Airport, PA (PHL) dst
27-SEP-1968 Douglas DC-7CF N7466 Universal Airlines 0 near Cherry Point MCAS, NC (NKT) w/o
03-OCT-1968 Douglas DC-7C 5T-TAR North American Aircraft Trading 0 Uli Airstrip w/o
07-DEC-1968 Douglas DC-7C VR-BCY North American Aircraft Trading 4 Uli Airstrip w/o
28-DEC-1968 Douglas DC-7 OD-AEI Lebanese International 0 Beirut International Airport (BEY) w/o
28-DEC-1968 Douglas DC-7 OD-AEK Lebanese International 0 Beirut International Airport (BEY) w/o
05-JUN-1969 Douglas DC-7B SE-ERP Swedish Red Cross 4 Eket w/o
29-JUN-1969 Douglas DC-7C EC-BEO TAE 0 Las Palmas-Airport De Gran Canaria (LPA) w/o
26-JUL-1970 Douglas DC-7CF VR-BCT ARCO Bermuda 0 Abidjan w/o
02-OCT-1970 Douglas DC-7C EC-ATQ Spantax 0 Madrid-Barajas Airport (MAD) w/o
31-DEC-1972 Douglas DC-7CF N500AE American Express Leasing 5 off San Juan-Isla Verde International Airport (SJU) w/o
01-MAY-1973 Douglas DC-7BF HK-1300 Aeronorte Colombia - Aerovias del Norte, opf. Aeroco 0 Miami International Airport, FL (MIA) w/o
21-JUN-1973 Douglas DC-7CF N296 Skyways International, opf. Warnaco Inc 3 16,5 km NW of Miami International Airport, FL (MIA) dst contains link to final investigation report
13-DEC-1973 Douglas DC-7B CP-1048 Frigorificos Movima 0 Trinidad Airport (TDD) w/o
03-MAR-1974 Douglas DC-7CF EI-AWG Aer Turas 0 London-Luton Airport (LTN) w/o contains link to final investigation report
04-OCT-1976 Douglas DC-7CF TZ-ARC Emirates Air Transport 4 140 km NNE of Nairobi w/o
12-SEP-1977 Douglas DC-7BF N6314J Safe Air Cargo 4 4 km NW of Yakutat Airport, AK (YAK) w/o
  -   -1977 Douglas DC-7CF N73675 Consolidated Air 0 within South Carolina w/o
30-APR-1978 Douglas DC-7CF N356AL private 0 Miami International Airport, FL (MIA) w/o
06-SEP-1978 Douglas DC-7CF N244B Advance Aviation 1 5 km S of Farmerville, LA w/o
22-JUN-1979 Douglas DC-7CF N357AL Go Transportation 1 near Daggett-Barstow-Daggett Airport, CA (DAG) w/o
14-SEP-1979 Douglas DC-7 N4SW Butler Aircraft Comp. 12 39 km NW of Klamath Falls, OR dst contains link to final investigation report
  -   -1979 Douglas DC-7CF N302G private w/o
27-JUL-1980 Douglas DC-7CF CP-1291 Lambda Air Cargo Trujillo Airport (TRU) w/o
18-SEP-1980 Douglas DC-7C N75000 private 0 near Castilla la Nueva w/o
28-NOV-1980 Douglas DC-7B N816D Central Air Services 2 near Pecos City Airport, TX (PEQ) w/o
  -   -1980 Douglas DC-7CF N8219H Aero Services Corp. w/o
01-MAY-1982 Douglas DC-7B N823D Kinney Air Tankers Glendive-Dawson Community Airport, MT (GDV) w/o
09-OCT-1986 Douglas DC-7C N5903 T & G Aviation, opf. USAID 3 6 km off Dakar-Yoff Airport (DKR) w/o
08-DEC-1988 Douglas DC-7CF N284 T & G Aviation, opf. USAID 5 Western Sahara w/o
08-DEC-1988 Douglas DC-7CF N90804 T & G Aviation, opf. USAID 0 Western Sahara sub
01-OCT-1992 Douglas DC-7B N848D TBM 2 near Union Valley Reservoir, CA dst
06-NOV-1992 Douglas DC-7CF HI-619SP Aerochago Airlines 0 near Dania Beach, FL dst contains link to final investigation report
18-FEB-1993 Douglas DC-7CF HI-599CT Aerochago Airlines 0 Santo Domingo-Las Americas Airport (SDQ) w/o
24-MAR-1993 Douglas DC-7C HR-ALY Aero Servicios 0 Miami International Airport, FL (MIA) w/o