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Last updated: 9 November 2018

FL Flight Level (vertical altitude at standard pressure where FL100 = 10000 feet = 3048 metres)
ft feet (0,3048 metres)
km kilometres (1km = 0,62mls)
kts Knots / nautical miles per hour (1knot = 1,85km/hour)
m metres (1 metre = 3,28ft)
mls miles (1 mile = 1609,34 metres)
nm Nautical Miles (1 nm = 1852 metres)
msl mean sea level
amsl above mean sea level
agl above ground level
location / flight  
AB Air Base
AFB Air Force Base
APT Airport
IAP International Airport
NAS Naval Air Station
( ) Page numbers are between brackets
ASW Air Safety Week
AWST / AW&ST Aviation Week and Space Technology
Flight or FI Flight International
NRC NRC Handelsblad (Dutch daily national newspaper)
PEAPL Piston engine airliner production list book
PZC Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant - PZC (Dutch daily local newspaper)
ST94 or ST96 Soviet Transports book
Sxxx or Scr Scramble (Dutch aviation magazine, ISSN 0927-3417) -
VK De Volkskrant (Dutch daily national newspaper)
WAAS World Airline Accident Summary (CAP-479) book
WCAA World Commercial Aircraft Accidents
WDAC World directory of airliner accidents book
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ACC Area Control Centre
AD Airworthiness Directive
ASI Airspeed Indicator
ATC Air Traffic Control
BMEP Brake Mean Engine Pressure
CVR Cockpit Voice Recorder
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
FAA Federal Aviation Authority (USA)
FDR Flight Data Recorder
FOD Foreign Object Damage
GCA Ground Controlled Approach
GMT Greenwich Mean Time (=UTC)
GPS Global Positioning System
GPWS Ground Proximity Warning System
IAS Indicated Airspeed
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
ILS Instrument Landing System
IMC Instrument Meteorological Conditions
KIAS Knots Indicated Airspeed
LOC Localizer
LT Local Time
METO Maximum Except Takeoff
MTOW Maximum Take-off weight
NDB Non Directional Beacon
No. 1, 2, 3, 4 engine No.1 engine is the left most engine, from the pilots point of view.
Notam Notice to Airmen
PIC Pilot in Command
RVR Runway Visual Range
RWY Runway
SBA Standard Beam Approach
SID Standard Instrument Departure
TCAS Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System
UTC Coordinated Universal Time (=GMT)
V1,2,R Take-off decision speeds
VFR Visual Flight Rules
VOR Very high frequency Omnidirectional Range