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Operator index for Kyrgyzstan
Last updated: 8 March 2011
A list of aircraft operators that have that have suffered an accident, serious incident or hijacking. The list may also contain defunct airlines or airlines that in the meantime have changed their name or have merged.

Aeroflot / Kyrgyzstan
Aerostan (named "Bistair-Fez Bishkek" on 14.10.2006 EU list)
Air Bishkek (named Eastok Avia until 2012)
Air Central Asia
Air Manas
Altyn Air (renamed Kyrgyzstan in 2006)
Anikay Air
Artik Avia
Asia Alpha
Asian Air
Avia Traffic Company
Botir Avia
British Gulf International Airlines Fez
Central Asian Aviation Services - CAAS
Click Airways
Click Airways International
Country International Airlines
Esen Air
Galaxy Air
Golden Rule Airlines
Heli Sky
Intal Avia
Itek Air
Kyrgyz Airlines
Kyrgyz Airways
Kyrgyz General Aviation
Kyrgyz Trans Avia
Kyrgyzstan (formerly Altyn Air, renamed 2006)
Kyrgyzstan Airlines
Manas Airways
Maxavia (named "Max Avia" in EU list)
Ministry of Emergency Situations, State Aviation Ent (named Dames until 2012; aka SAEMES)
Osh-Avia (Erroneously reported as "OSH Avia" in EU list of banned airlines)
Phoenix Aviation
Reem Air
S Group Aviation
S Group International
Sky Bishkek
Sky Gate International Aviation
Sky KG Airlines
Sky Way Air
Star Jet
Sun Light
Supreme Aviation
Tenir Airlines
Tez Jet
Trast Aero
Valor Air
World Wing Aviation

Kyrgyzstan Government