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Operator index for United States of America
Last updated: 8 March 2011
A list of aircraft operators that have that have suffered an accident, serious incident or hijacking. The list may also contain defunct airlines or airlines that in the meantime have changed their name or have merged.

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Aaxico Airlines (Aaxico = American Air Export and Import Company; merged into Saturn)
ACE Air Cargo
Advance Aviation Inc
Aerial Transit Company (presumably ceased operations ca 1991)
Aero Air LLC
Aero Bieke (AOC revoked, August 12, 1997)
Aero Flight Services
Aero Jet Services
Aero Union
Aero Virgin Islands - AVI
Aeromarine Airways
Aeronaut Air Services
AeroSmith Aviation
Aerovias Sud Americana (sold to Airlift International, 1963)
Air America (Covertly owned and operated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA))
Air America Flight Services
Air California (acquired by American Airlines in 1987)
Air Cargo Carriers
Air Cargo Express
Air Cargo Hawaii
Air Cargo Transport
Air Caribbean
Air Carrier Transport
Air Carriers Express Services Inc
Air Carriers Inc.
Air Central
Air Choice One
Air Continental
Air Del
Air East
Air East Management
Air Flamenco
Air Florida
Air Illinois
Air Indiana (National Jet Services was doing business as Air Indiana)
Air Micronesia (renamed Continental Micronesia)
Air Midwest
Air New England
Air New Orleans
Air North (Yukon Air Service)
Air O'Hare
Air Pacific
Air Pony Express
Air Resorts Airlines
Air Response North (renamed Global Air Response)
Air Saint Thomas (known as Virgin Air until 1984)
Air South (acquired by Florida Airlines)
Air Sunshine
Air Tahoma
Air Taxis Inc.
Air Traders International
Air Transport Associates (ceased operations, presumably about 1957)
Air Transport Inc.
Air Transport International - ATI
Air Trine Inc (ceased operations, presumably about 1977)
Air US (started as US Aviation, renamed Air US in 1977; renamed Excellair, 1985)
Air Wisconsin (merged with Mississippi Valley Airlines in 1985)
Air-Lift Commuter
Airborne Express (known as Airborne Express since 1980; acquired by DHL in 2003)
Airborne Transport
Aircraft Charter Group Inc
Aircraft Pool Leasing Corp.
Airgo Air Freight
Airlift International (founded as Riddle Airlines; renamed Airlift in 1965)
Airline Transport Carriers
AirNet Systems (renamed AirNet Express after merger with Flight Express)
AirTran Airways (merged with Southwest Airlines, 2014)
Airvantage (probably ceased operations about 1996)
Alaska Aeronautical Industries
Alaska Air Fuel
Alaska Air Taxi
Alaska Airlines
Alaska Central Express
Alaska Coastal-Ellis Airlines (taken over by Alaska Airlines in April 1968)
Alaska International Air (founded as Interior Airways, renamed Markair)
Alaska Seaplanes
Alaska West Air
Albatross Adventures
All American Airways (founded as All American Aviation; renamed All American Airways in 1949, renamed Allegheny Airlines in 1952, USAir in 1979, and US Airways in 1996)
All West Freight
Allcair Air Transport (ceased operations about 1993)
Allegheny Air Cargo
Allegheny Airlines (founded as All American Aviation; renamed All American Airways in 1949, renamed Allegheny Airlines in 1952, USAir in 1979, and US Airways in 1996)
Allegheny Commuter (became USAir Express)
Allegiant Air
Alliance Air Charter
Allied Air Freight
Aloha Air Cargo (separated from Aloha Airlines)
Aloha Airlines
Aloha IslandAir (known as Princeville Airways until 1987; renamed Island Air 1992)
Alpine Aviation (aka Alpine Air)
Altair Airlines
Amazon Air
America West Airlines (merged with US Airways)
America West Express (branded as US Airways Express)
American Air Freight
American Air Network
American Air Transport
American Airlines
American Airways (renamed American Air Lines, 1934)
American Aviation
American Corporate Aviation
American Eagle (A collection of unrelated regional carriers with contracts to carry the American Eagle brand name.)
American Eagle Airlines (Merger between Flagship Airlines, Wings West Airlines and Simmons Airlines to form American Eagle Airlines)
American Export Airlines
American Flyers Airline
American International Airways
American Jet
American Jet International
American Jets, Inc.
American Overseas Airlines (merged into Pan American)
American Trans Air
AmericanConnection (previously Trans World Express)
Ameristar Jet Charter
Apache Airlines
Arctic Circle Air Service (bought by Era Alaska)
Arctic Guide
Arctic Pacific
Arctic Transportation Services (named Ryan Air until shutdown in 1988; restarted as Arctic Transportation Services and renamed back to Ryan Air, 2010)
Argonaut Airways
Argosy Air Lines
Argosy Airlines
Ark-Air Flight Inc.
Arnold Air Service
Arrow Air
Arute International Air
Aspen Airways (acquired by Mesa Airlines and Air Wisconsin)
Aspen Aviation
Associated Air Transport
ASTAR Air Cargo
Atlantic & Pacific Airlines
Atlantic Air Cargo
Atlantic Airmotive
Atlantic Central Airlines
Atlantic City Airlines
Atlantic Coast Airlines (renamed Independence Air, 2004)
Atlantic Southeast Airlines - ASA (merged with ExpressJet)
Atlas Air
Atorie Air
Avery Aviation
Aviation Charter
Aviation Enterprises
Aviation Jet Charters
Aviation Services
Aviex Jet
Avion Airways
Avjet Corp

A & H Aircraft Sales
A&C Big Sky Aviation LLC
A.E. Stanley Manufacturing Co.
A.R. Wings LLC
Aaron Enterprises Corporation
ABA Aviation Resources Inc.
Acme Leasing / K. Knight
Advanced Power Aviation LLC
Aero Charter Services
Aerodex (Overhaul and maintenance firm.)
Aerodyne Engineering Corp.
Aerospike Iron LLC
Aggadir Ltd.
Air Carrier Lease and Sales Inc.
Air Charters
Air Pacific NC
Aircraft Airframe Inc
Aircraft Charter Inc.
Aircraft Export Corporation
Aircraft Line Maintenance
Aircraft Modifications Inc
Aklavik Import & Export Co.
Albany Industrial Corp.
Alberto-Culver USA, Inc.
Alco Aviation
Alex Lyon & Sons Sales Managers & Auctioneers Inc.
Alpha Wolf Enterprises LLC
American Agronomics Corp
American Philippine Indonesian Malaysian Enterprises
American Smelting and Refining Co.
American Velodur Metal Comp
Amerine Turkey Breeding Farms
AMF Corp.
Anchor Hocking Glass Corporation
Anton Air LLC
Arcadia Leasing
Arizin Ventures, LLC
ART 21631 LLC
Ashland Oil and Refining Company
Atlantic Aero
Atlantic Transportation of Wilmington LLC
Augusta Aviation
Avia Jet LLC
Aviation Equipment Corp. of America
Aviation Star S II LLC
Aviation Transport Solutions LLC
Avis Industrial Corporation
Ayer Lease Plan

Flying schools, Aeroclubs, Paraclubs:
Adventure Aviation
AerOhio Aviation

Aero Spacelines
Avcon Industries

Air National Guard

Organisations (non-profit):
Agape Flights
Air Serv International
American Airpower Heritage Museum
Auburn Adventist Academy
Avalon Correctional Services

Alberto Morales
Allen L. Stanley

Special operations (survey, crop spraying etc.):
Aero Flite
Aero Services Corp.
Air Trek (air ambulance operator)
Airborne Fire Attack
Aircraft Specialities Corporation
Aircraft Specialties
AirEvac International

Aircraft Sales & Leasing
Alpes Aircraft Corp.
American Express Leasing
Associated Aviation Industries
Athens Leasing Corp.