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Last updated: 21 July 2005

Several sources have been used to compile the accident database, as well as specific accident listings on this 'Aviation Safety Network' site.

Basis of the accident database

Eastwood, A.B. and J. Roach. Piston engine airliner production list. - West Drayton : The Aviation Hobby Shop (TAHS), 1996. - 492 p.
ISBN 0907178618

Hillman, P. S. Jessup and G. Ottenhof. Soviet Transports. - West Drayton : The Aviation Hobby Shop (TAHS), 2004. - 751 p.

Roach, J. and A. Eastwood. Turbo prop airliner production list. - West Drayton : The Aviation Hobby Shop (TAHS), 2001. - 528 p.
ISBN 0907178839

Roach, J. and A. Eastwood. Jet airliner production list. - West Drayton : The Aviation Hobby Shop (TAHS), 1992. - 514 p.
ISBN 090717843X

Sources used to compile the synopses for each accident

Gero, D. Aviation Disasters : the world's major civil airliner crashes since 1950. - Sparkford : PSL, 1993. - 224 p.
ISBN 1852603798

ICAO Adrep Summary / International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) 1)

ICAO Circular Aircraft Accident Digests / International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO)1)

NTSB Aircraft Accident Reports / National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)1)

NTSB Accident Synopses / National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB)

World Airline Accident Summary (CAP-479) / Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). - London : CAA. - 2 Volumes [now published by Airclaims Ltd. - ISSN 1366-6800]

Sources used to verify and double-check all information

Denham, T. World directory of airliner accidents. - Sparkford : PSL, 1996. - 320 p.
ISBN 1852605545

Kimura, C. World Commercial Aircraft Accidents 1946-1992. - Livermore, CA : Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 1993. - diff.pag.

Klee, U. JP airline fleets international

Magazines / periodicals

  • Air Safety Week
  • Aviation Quantitative Reports on Safety
  • Aviation Week and Space Technology
  • Flight International
  • Scramble


Individuals providing me with aviation accident information on a regular basis:
Bill Harms; Tommy Maurer, Mark Stephenson, Werner Fischdick, Thomas Brügge, Ronan Hubert (BAAA-ACRO)

1) These documents are published periodically; see the 'Source' field of each accident description for reference to specific issues.

More detailed references to these and other sources, see the 'Source' field in the accident listings.