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Antonov An-24 specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Country: Ukraine
ICAO Type designator:AN24
First flight:29 October 1959
Production ended: 1979
Production total:1332
Series: An-24: Original design and prototypes
An-24B: An-24 with one extra window each side and single-slotted flaps
An-24RV: Turbojet boosted export version, similar to the An-24V
An-24T: Tactical transport version with a ventral loading hatch
An-24TV: Export cargo version of the An-24T
An-24V: Export version of the An-24B
Propulsion:2 turboprop engines
Maximum number of passengers:52
Maximum take-off mass:21000 kg
ICAO Mass group:3
Design Service Objective:50000 flights
Design Service Objective:35000 flight hours
Design Service Objective:25 years

Antonov An-24 photo

Antonov An-24 file photo (photo: Dmitriy Pichugin)