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Convair CV-340 Statistics
Last updated: 2 December 2021
Hull-losses: 23
Hull-loss accidents: 22 with a total of 174 fatalities
Criminal occurences (hull-losses, excl. hijackings): 0 with a total of 0 fatalities
Hijackings: 1 with a total of 0 fatalities
Survival rate: 37.6% of all occupants survived fatal accidents

Aircraft losses
Cumulative number of aircraft damaged beyond repair per year.
Accidents by flight operation type
Flight operation type breakdown for 21 out of 23 hull-loss occurrences (flight nature for remaining losses is unknown, or the occurrence happened while the airplane was not in use.)

Worst accidents
date type registration operator fat. location   pic cat
24-JUN-1960Convair CV-340-62 PP-YRB REAL 54 Guanabara Ba...   A1
03-MAY-1963Convair CV-340-59 PP-CDW Cruzeiro do Sul 37 near São Paulo-Co... A1