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Lockheed L-14 Super Electra specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Country: United States of America
ICAO Type designator:L14
First flight:29 July 1937
Production ended: 1937
Production total:233
Series: Lockheed 14: Basic airliner version of the Super Electra
Lockheed 14-H: Powered by Pratt & Whitney R-1690-S1E-G Hornet engines
Lockheed 14-H2: Powered by Pratt & Whitney R-1690-S1E2-G engines
Lockheed 14-N2: Built for Howard Hughes, for a round the world flight
Lockheed 14-N3: Personal transport aircraft with GR-1820-G105A engines
Lockheed 14-WF62: Export version with Wright SGR-1820-F62 Cyclone engines
Lockheed 14-WG3B: Export version with GR-1820-G2B engines
Lockheed B14-S: Protoype designation
Propulsion:2 piston engines
Maximum number of passengers:12
Maximum take-off mass:7955 kg
ICAO Mass group:3