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Short S.25 Sandringham/Sunderland specs
Last updated: 8 August 2013
Country: United Kingdom
ICAO Type designator:SAND
First flight:16 October 1937
Production ended: 1946
Production total:749
Series: Sandringham 2: Civil conversion of Sunderland 5 for Argentine airline Dodero
Sandringham 3: Conversion of Sunderland 5 with dining room and galley on upper deck
Sandringham 4: Civil conversion for TEAL, seating for 30 passengers
Sandringham 5: Civil conversion for BOAC, 22 day or 16 sleeper passengers
Sandringham 6: Radar equipped aircraft for Norwegian airline DNL.
Sandringham 7: Civil conversion for BOAC, seating for 30 passengers
Sunderland I: Initial model
Sunderland II: Fitted with Pegasus XVIII engines with two-speed superchargers
Sunderland III: Revised hull configuration
Sunderland V: Fitted with Pratt & Whitney R-1830 Twin Wasp engines
Propulsion:4 piston engines
Maximum number of passengers:22
Maximum take-off mass:35652 kg
ICAO Mass group:4

Short S.25 Sandringham/Sunderland photo

Short S.25 Sandringham/Sunderland file photo (photo: Fergal Goodman)