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Last updated: 31 July 2021

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photo of NAMC-YS-11-111-JA8658
accident date: 13 Nov. 1966
type: NAMC YS-11-111
registration: JA8658
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-202-N208PA
accident date: 05 March 1974
type: NAMC YS-11A-202
registration: N208PA
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-320-N172RV
accident date: 06 Nov. 1974
type: NAMC YS-11A-320
registration: N172RV
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-500-SX-BBR
accident date: 23 Nov. 1976
type: NAMC YS-11A-500
registration: SX-BBR
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-301-RP-C1419
accident date: 17 July 1977
type: NAMC YS-11A-301
registration: RP-C1419
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-621-N169RV
accident date: 16 Feb. 1982
type: NAMC YS-11A-621
registration: N169RV
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-300F-N128MP
accident date: 15 March 1989
type: NAMC YS-11A-300F
registration: N128MP
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-205-N918AX
accident date: 06 March 1992
type: NAMC YS-11A-205
registration: N918AX
photo of NAMC-YS-11-109-JA8667
accident date: 16 Nov. 1996
type: NAMC YS-11-109
registration: JA8667
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-213-JA8727
accident date: 16 Feb. 2000
type: NAMC YS-11A-213
registration: JA8727
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-214-9U-BHP
accident date: 03 Nov. 2001
type: NAMC YS-11A-214
registration: 9U-BHP
photo of NAMC-YS-11-500R-HS-KVO
accident date: 11 Sep. 2005
type: NAMC YS-11-500R
registration: HS-KVO
photo of NAMC-YS-11A-500-RP-C3592
accident date: 02 Jan. 2008
type: NAMC YS-11A-500
registration: RP-C3592

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