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Piper PA-28
  Silhouette image of generic model; specific model in this crash may look slightly different   Piper PA-28
 First flight: 1960
 1 Piston engine
4951 occurrences in the ASN safety database; showing occurrence 301 - 400

acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
11-JUL-1969 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser N7033R Berkshire Avia 2 Hillsdale, NY w/o
25-JUL-1969 Piper PA-28-180B Cherokee G-AWEY Peak Trailers Ltd 0 Castle Lyons, 3.7 miles S of Fermoy, Munster, County Cork w/o
27-JUL-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N9751W Private 1 Astoria, OR w/o
04-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N6511W 1 Miccosukee, FL w/o
09-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N6483R Private 0 between Mount Marshall and Iroquois Peak, NY w/o
10-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28 Cherokee N7460W 1 Los Angeles, CA w/o
15-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-140B Cherokee G-ATRT Waltham Publications Ltd 0 Clacton Airfield, Clacton, Essex w/o
16-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N95222 Private 0 El Monte, CA w/o
17-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N9695W Thomas Flying Service 2 San Luis Obis, CA sub
21-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-180 N7910W Salisbury Aircraft Inc 4 Salisbury, NC w/o
26-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee B D-ENPT private w/o
30-AUG-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N8019N Clover Leaf Aviation Inc 0 Carlsbad, NM w/o
04-SEP-1969 Piper PA-28-180 N4898L Iosco Flying Club Inc 3 North Lake, WI w/o
07-SEP-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N1735J Omni Aviation 1 Sandisfield, MA w/o
09-SEP-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N4173J Private 1 Eads, CO w/o
09-SEP-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N7374J Forth Corporation 1+82 Shelbyville, IN w/o contains link to final investigation report
23-SEP-1969 Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee G-AVYN Newcastle Aero Club 1 Ashford Gill Head, Gouthwaite Moor, near Pateley Bridge, Yorks. w/o contains link to final investigation report
26-SEP-1969 Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee C ZK-CUE Wellington Districts Aero Club 0 Otamarakau, Bay of Plenty 2 sub
28-SEP-1969 Piper PA-28-180 N9245J Pilgrim Aviation 0 Waterford, CT sub
01-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-180 N6585J Private 1 near Jessup, GA w/o
06-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser N6317R 1 Sonora, TX w/o
10-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N163FC Private 0 Kalaupapa, HI w/o
12-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N95127 Safair Flying Service Inc 0 Teterboro, NJ w/o
13-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N6423W Private 1 So.Weymouth, MA w/o
14-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N7214J Pilgrim Aviation 0 Groton, CT sub
20-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee N7551R 0 Sea off Fort Lauderdale, FL w/o
23-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28 Cherokee N5752W 4 Cuchara, CO w/o
26-OCT-1969 Piper PA-28-180 N7175W Private 0 Waterford, CT w/o
03-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-180 N7679W Private 1 Round Hill, VA w/o
04-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N9719W Star Aviation Corporation 1+1 Denver, CO w/o
06-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N6793W Private 0 Berlin, PA w/o
06-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N95005 Equity Leasing Corp 0 St.Cloud, MN w/o
07-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N4477J Private 1 Card, MI w/o
11-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N5718F Louisiana Aircraft Rental Center Inc 0 Slidell, LA w/o
13-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N12JE Private 2 Blacklick, OH w/o
14-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-180 N9475J Brown Flying Service Inc 4 Eagle Rock, VA w/o
19-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 VH-MBN Murray Border Flying Club Ltd 0 Orange Regional Airport (YORG), Orange, NSW sub contains link to final investigation report
20-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee F-OCFH Aero Club Caledonien Magenta unk
22-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee PT-... private 0 Taubaté, SP w/o
29-NOV-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N7204F Frederick Piper Sales Inc 1 Rohrersville, Md w/o
21-DEC-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N6707W Dimartino Concetta 0 East Hanover, NJ w/o
21-DEC-1969 Piper PA-28-140 N8834N Private 2 Franklin, In w/o
03-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser N8242N Private 0 West Chicago, IL sub
03-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-CEQ Waitemata Aero Club 0 Ardmore Aerodrome, Auckland unk
09-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N7960W Private 3 Trinity Ctr, CA w/o
17-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N5731F C & R Connair Inc 2+2 East Hartford, CT w/o
19-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 VH-SDP Sports Specialists Pty Ltd 0 Bandya Homestead, WA sub contains link to final investigation report
22-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N4567R Private 0 Portsmouth, Va w/o
24-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 VH-RSS Royal Aero Club of New South Wales 0 Paynesville, VIC sub contains link to final investigation report
28-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N8163N Private 1 La Mirada, CA w/o
28-JAN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N8708N Private 3 near Anchorage, AK w/o
07-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N4901L Private 0 Redmond, OR w/o
14-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28 Cherokee N5942W 2+4 near Placerville, CA w/o
19-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N5567F Private 2+1 Fraser, MI w/o
23-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N66BA Bakers Flying Service 0 Kansas City, MO w/o
26-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N7326J Kruz Air Inc 2 Kokomo, In w/o
27-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28-180 G-AVBD College of Air Training 1+1 Bursledon, 1 mile NNE of Hamble Aerodrome, Hampshire w/o contains link to final investigation report
27-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28-180 G-AVBI College of Air Training 1+1 Bursledon, 1 mile NNE of Hamble Aerodrome, Hampshire w/o contains link to final investigation report
28-FEB-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N6665W 2 Medicine Ldg, KS w/o
09-MAR-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N7704N Ram Flying Inc 4 Newton, IA w/o
14-MAR-1970 Piper PA-28-160 N5974W Private 3 Mastic Pt, w/o
23-MAR-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N8452R Private 1 near Jacmel, HaitI w/o
04-APR-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee OY-DHT Private 0 Sennels Hage w/o
05-APR-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N7796N J & J Aircraft Inc 1 Ellenton, FL w/o
11-APR-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N5992W Private 2 Fordyce, AR w/o
12-APR-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N6713J New Haven Airways 0 East Hampton, CT sub
19-APR-1970 Piper PA-28 Cherokee N5397W Granite Televue 0 Granite, OK w/o
19-APR-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N7815W Central Flying Club Inc 4 Fowler, MI w/o
25-APR-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N95354 Private 4 New Tazewell, TN w/o
25-APR-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee N5113G Civil Air Patrol 2 Frederick, MD w/o
03-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-CIU Hawkes Bay & East Coast Aero Club Bridge Pa Aerodrome, Hawke's Bay unk
09-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-CIH Sinclair Flying School Ltd Awaroa Bay, Abel Tasman NP sub
10-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N6762J Dixie Aviation Corp 0 Pine Valley, UT w/o
10-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N1850J American Flying Club Incrporated 0 Baileys X-Road, Va w/o
14-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N8817N Mt Holly Airport Inc 0 near Reamstown, PA w/o
26-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N5706F Air Trails Inc 2 Salinas, CA w/o
31-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N1702J Johnson Aviation Inc 3 near Newton, IA w/o
31-MAY-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N3630K Chesapeake Airacraft Sales Inc 0 Mayo, FL w/o
05-JUN-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N8963J Private 1 Palm Beach, FL w/o
07-JUN-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N7808N Private 2 Lyndon, KS w/o
14-JUN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N3936K 1 Rose Hill, NC sub
19-JUN-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N7798N Private 0 Richmond, IN w/o
27-JUN-1970 Piper PA-28-180 VH-TPQ Private 2 near Somersby, NSW w/o contains link to final investigation report
29-JUN-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N1771J Sturgis Airways Inc 1 Sturgis, MI w/o
30-JUN-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N5317L Private 0 near Boston, MA w/o
04-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N7361J Private 4 Cerritos, CA w/o
09-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N7223F Private 1 Hillsboro, TN w/o
09-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28 Cherokee N5196W Private 0 Boones Mill, Va w/o
12-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee ZK-CNI Stratford Aero Club Awakino, King Country unk
12-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee ZK-CUC Tauranga Aero Club Waiouru, Whanganui unk
12-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-180 N5285L Flying Dutchman Air Services Inc 4 Newfield, Nj w/o
13-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N6759J Rigby Airmotive Inc 4 Conneaut Lake, PA w/o
19-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee OO-EAS European Air Service Bissegem, West Flanders w/o
20-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee EC-BRU Real Aero Club de Reus 3 near Tarragona w/o
20-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N6245W 2 Provincetown, MA w/o
21-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N7532R Piedmont Aviation Inc 0 Banner Elk, NC w/o
23-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-180 Cherokee N7943N Southwest Air 5 Hinton, VA w/o
24-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N1745J Private 0 Mexicali w/o
25-JUL-1970 Piper PA-28-140 Cherokee Cruiser N6748J Haski Aviation Inc 0 Boardman, OH w/o
01-AUG-1970 Piper PA-28-140 N98271 Glynnaire Aviation Inc 4 Brunswick, GA w/o

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