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Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor
  Silhouette image of generic model; specific model in this crash may look slightly different   Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor
 First flight: 1973
 1 Turboprop engine
67 occurrences in the ASN safety database

acc. date type reg. operator fat. location   dmg    
31-JAN-1979 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor AI5.. Fuerza Aérea del Perú 2 near Piura airport w/o
  -NOV-1980 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3401 TNI-AU 0 w/o
01-MAR-1982 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161056 TAW-5, US Navy 2 Jay, Florida w/o
22-MAR-1982 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 270 Aviación Naval Uruguaya (ANU) 1 Laguna de Rocha area w/o
15-MAY-1982 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 0729/1-A-411 Aviación Naval Argentina 0 Pebble Island w/o
15-MAY-1982 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 0726/1-A-408 Aviación Naval Argentina 0 Pebble Island w/o
15-MAY-1982 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 0719/1-A-401 Aviación Naval Argentina 0 Pebble Island w/o
15-MAY-1982 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 0730/1-A-412 Aviación Naval Argentina 0 Pebble Island w/o
29-MAY-1983 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor N2067A Beechcraft Aviation Inc 2 RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk w/o contains link to final investigation report
09-JAN-1984 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160503 VT-2, US Navy 0 NAS Whiting Field, Milton, Santa Rosa County, Florida w/o
16-MAR-1986 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160496 VT-3 US Navy 2 Colombia, South Carolina w/o
14-APR-1986 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3418 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 0 Kalitirto, Berbah, Sleman, Yogyakarta w/o
18-APR-1986 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161049 United States Navy (USN) 2 Summerdale, AL w/o
12-SEP-1986 Beechcraft T-34C-1 0027 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana w/o
  -   -1986 Beechcraft T-34C-1 0033 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana w/o
05-MAR-1987 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161847 TW-4, US Navy 0 near Niland, Imperial Valley, CA w/o
15-APR-1987 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161048 United States Navy (USN) 0 El Centro, CA sub
22-MAY-1987 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3413 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 1 Delanggu, Klaten w/o
10-JUN-1987 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162249 VT-27, US Navy 0 w/o
04-FEB-1988 Beechcraft T-34C-1 0020 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana w/o
27-APR-1988 Beechcraft T-34C-1 N23789 private w/o
28-APR-1988 Beechcraft T-34C-1 0028 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana w/o
19-MAY-1988 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3421 Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) 2+5 Kaohsiung County, Alian Township w/o
03-OCT-1988 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160480 US Navy w/o
23-FEB-1990 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor US Navy 2 near Summerdale, Alabama w/o
07-MAR-1990 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3425 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 2 w/o
23-MAR-1990 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3430 Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) 1 Tainan County w/o
03-APR-1990 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3432 Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) 2 Chiayi County w/o
05-JUL-1990 Beechcraft T-34C-1 0023 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana w/o
11-JAN-1991 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160524 US Navy 2 NAF El Centro, CA w/o
11-OCT-1991 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160507 US Navy 2 Texas w/o
14-JAN-1992 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161812 TW-4, US Navy 2 near NAS Corpus Christi, Texas w/o
13-MAY-1992 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162293 US Navy 1 6 miles SW of Whiting Field NAS, Florida w/o
23-DEC-1992 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3422 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 1 Wonocatur, Yogyakarta w/o
26-JUL-1994 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3424 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 1+1 Borobudur w/o
05-DEC-1994 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162280 United States Navy (USN) 1 near Robertsdale, AL w/o
14-FEB-1995 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161826 US Navy 1 Gulf of Mexico w/o
01-AUG-1995 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor N6922S Shelton Enterprises 2 Oak Creek, WI w/o contains link to final investigation report
09-APR-1996 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3443 Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) 0 Kaohsiung County w/o
02-DEC-1996 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162279 US Navy 2 Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, Alabama w/o
24-FEB-1997 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3406 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 1 w/o
20-FEB-1998 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3414 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 2 Yogyakarta w/o
11-JUN-1998 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161026 US Navy 2 near Key Largo, Florida w/o
30-JUN-1999 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160273 US Navy 0 near East Brewton, Alabama w/o
02-MAY-2000 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160629 United States Navy (USN) 2 N of Brewton, AL w/o
27-SEP-2000 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161045 United States Navy (USN) 2 near Siverhill, AL w/o
01-DEC-2000 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3415 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 2 Purworedjo Regency, Jawa Central w/o
21-MAY-2001 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161844 United States Navy (USN) 2 ca 3 mi NE of El Cajon, CA w/o
08-JUN-2001 Beechcraft T-34C 160960 United States Navy (USN) 2 ca 35 mi S of Mobile, AL w/o
18-JUN-2002 Beechcraft T-34C 71-60944 United States Army Aviation 0 Pope AFB, NC w/o
06-AUG-2002 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 160947 United States Navy (USN) 0 near Big Bear City, CA w/o
12-SEP-2002 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3407 Republic of China Air Force (RoCAF) 0 near Taichung w/o
17-FEB-2004 Beechcraft T-34C-1 ANE-221 Aviación Naval Ecuatoriana 0 Los Quiñones island w/o
27-JAN-2006 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162285 US Navy 2 ca 3 mi S of NAS Corpus Christi, TX w/o
14-MAR-2008 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162626/E-62 VT-6 US Navy 2 near Ashville, Ala w/o
14-MAR-2008 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162626 US Navy 2 Chandler Mountain, AL w/o
29-OCT-2009 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 162247 US Navy . 2 3 km off Texas Coast mis
23-JAN-2010 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161047 TAW5 US Navy 1 Lake Ponchartrain, New Orleans, Louisiana w/o
26-JAN-2010 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3437 Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) 0 Kaohsiung County, Namasi Township w/o
15-DEC-2010 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3402 Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) 2 Kaohsiung County's Liugui Township w/o
29-MAY-2011 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor 3413 Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) 0 Pantong County w/o
24-AUG-2011 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 161835 United States Navy 0 Gulf of Mexico, about 5 NM south of Bob Hall Pier, Corpus Christi, TX w/o
06-JAN-2012 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor LD-3417 TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force) 1 Karangrejo village, Magelang district w/o
01-MAY-2014 Beech T-34C Turbo Mentor 160473 United States Navy (USN) 0 E of Corpus Christi NAS (KNGP), TX w/o
18-MAR-2015 Beechcraft T-34C-1 Turbo Mentor FAE026 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana 2 Salinas w/o
  -SEP-2015 Beechcraft T-34C-1 0030 Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana w/o
30-JAN-2023 Beechcraft T-34C Turbo Mentor 271 Armada del Uruguay 0 Base Aeronaval No.2 Capitán Curbelo, SULS unk


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